Notice for CA Residents

Pursuant to California Civil Code Title 1.81.5 California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 [1798.100-1798.199], hereinafter called the CCPA, a consumer shall be afforded specific rights with respect to their personal information. This Special Notice is provided to comply with these rules and to inform you of these rights.

You have the right to request from businesses that collect consumer personal information to disclose the categories and specific pieces of information that business has collected during the preceding twelve (12) months ending with the date on which the business receives such request. Specifically, you may request the categories of information collected, the categorical sources of such information, the commercial purpose for collecting such information, the categories of third-parties with whom the business has shared this information, and the specifics of the information that was collected.

Businesses must only make such disclosures upon the receipt of a verifiable consumer request up to two times in any twelve-month period. Upon the receipt of such verifiable request, that business shall take steps to disclose and deliver, free of charge to the consumer, the personal information required by the statute within 45 days of receipt of a verifiable request. Such information may be supplied by mail or electronically in a portable and transmittable format.

In the event you do submit a verifiable request under CCPA:

  • Oliphant will not discriminate against you for having exercised any of your consumer rights under this Act.
  • Oliphant will not treat you any differently in its regular business dealings with you.
  • Oliphant will not alter the quality of services it provides you.

To send a Verifiable Request, please send your written request to:


Oliphant USA
ATTN: Special Handling
CCPA Verifiable Request
1800 2nd St.
Suite 603
Sarasota, FL 34236


Toll Free 1-888-905-1802

Within your written request, please provide the following to process your request expeditiously:

  1. Full Name of Consumer
  2. Account Number
  3. Last 4-digits of the Consumer’s Social Security Number
  4. Capacity as either a Consumer or Properly Authorized Registered Agent acting on behalf of a Consumer. In such cases, the Name, Contact Phone Number, Email and authorizing documentation must be included with your request below the consumer’s information for whom the inquiry is being made.
  5. Address Information
  6. Telephone Number
  7. Consumer’s Email Address
  8. Nature or specifics of the request

Oliphant is a debt collector and, accordingly, has specific information supplied by consumers in the process of borrowing money or otherwise creating an account with a service provisioner that is unpaid and in recovery. We go to great lengths to protect the information we have including, but not limited to, modern firewall technologies, virus detection software, protected network protocols, embedded AI-based detection algorithms that eliminate inadvertent movement of protected data, at-rest data encryption, third-party penetration testing, and other new technologies and tools as they become commercially available.

Oliphant’s operational scope is limited to the commercial activities pertaining to the Accounts Receivable Management Industry. Accordingly, Oliphant maintains requisite consumer data in the normal course for the purpose of enforcing a legal contract with consumers. Supplementally, in the normal scope of operations, Oliphant may utilize a variety of third-party data provisioners to enhance consumer profiles in the efforts to establish contact or, alternatively, to initiate and manage litigation.

Oliphant is employed by third-party clients that entrust it with sensitive and personal information, often serving as principal system of record for such data.

Oliphant does not engage in the sale, lease, or trade of any information with outside parties for any purpose. The information it stores is single purpose and is a critical part of our its being a professional recovery operation.

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