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In March 2020, security systems of a major US software company were penetrated by a foreign actor. SolarWinds is a manufacturer of widely used network management software, with clients ranging from small businesses to government agencies. As a result of the hack, attackers were able to inject malicious code into SolarWind's software and consequency gain unauthorized access to many computer networks, which used this product. To date, it seems that SolarWinds Orion was the main target of this breach.

Oliphant does not use nor has it used since at least January 2019 any SolarWinds products in our computer network.

The office of Oliphant's CTO is monitoring the situation and as new facts about the SolarWinds breach emerge, we will respond accordingly to guarantee the highest possible standards of data protection.

In the mean time, we are reaching out to our technology partners to coordinate a SolarWinds Incident survey.

The latest SolarWinds security advisory is available at

Tom Pawelek / Chief Technology Officer

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